Benefits of yoga

You may have heard that yoga is good for you!


The benefits are not simply physical in improved flexibility and strength, toned limbs and greater stamina, balance and joint health. A mindful yoga practice will allow you to become absorbed in your body and breath, enjoying a meditative experience and can also help relieve stress, as you learn not to dwell on past events or anticipate the future. 


There are many different styles of yoga, some more dynamic such as Vinyasa or Flow classes where you continually move from one posture to another, others more breath orientated where you hold a position for a longer time such as Yin yoga - all beneficial in so many ways!


Our private yoga tuition can be tailored to your requirements, we have teachers specialising in all forms of yoga - energising or relaxing. Great for a stretch out after skiing and for non-skiers alike. For group classes you can find our weekly timetable here.


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