Alpine Fitness and Yoga Retreats


We would be happy to share our inside track with you to propose tailor made fitness camps in Verbier, Switzerland.


The resort is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, it has built a reputation as being one of the most picturesque ski resorts in the world sitting high up at an elevation of 1500m on a south facing plateau. Mountains are all around creating a natural amphitheatre and the perfect venue to exercise, relax, eat and sleep. We aim to rejuvenate body and mind with a high intensity programme of stretching and training, a nutritious menu plan and coaching with our team of professionals; this is the ideal way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. 


Adding some extra altitude into the mix it will not only have the body working harder but will have the knock on effect of producing results quicker. These training camp holidays are suitable for anyone looking for effective, sustainable fitness results.


For a yoga holiday where you can work on your own yoga practice and also enjoy some hiking, come with friends for a weekend or longer and feel the benefit for mind and body.


Nutritional meals plans can be included, tailored to detox, energise or for weight loss. 



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