Detox and Cleanse 


We are all subject to consumption of daily toxins at some level and can all benefit from a regular internal cleanse. We promote a natural tea-tox using ancient herbal tea remedies to help eliminate toxins to make our systems work more efficienty. 


Our three day programme will start with warm lemon water to activate the liver, fresh juices and smoothies for breakfast and snacks and wholesome, clean organic midday and evening meals. We encourage gentle exercise, walking, restorative yoga, sauna, hammam and massage to complement your dietary intake. This is no starvation diet, just healthy eating and a focus on giving our bodies a rest from the hard work they do for us.


By cutting out caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugars and wheat, even just for three days, you will feel the benefits allowing your liver, gallbladder, digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymph system to rejuvenate.  


This can be residential or privately tailored to your needs at home.  We deliver, so you can relax at home and have all meals delivered to your doorstep.


You deserve it. Feel better, be better!

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